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What is a service provided from


Musicinlog_music.png is a cloud-based content management system for background music, audio adverting spots and opening and closing spots.


Each store/customer has a media player that is connected to the stores sound system. The media player streams music from our cloud-based music platform. If connection to the internet is interrupted an offline backup music program will automatically start playing.


  • Music design and monthly updates of music are included.

  • All licenses are included for the music and are exempted from additional licenses fees to STIM, SAMI, KODA and GRAMEX.

  • All media files, management of scheduling and content is managed centrally through

  • Free phone and email support between 08:00 - 17:00 weekdays are included in the service

- - - +46(0)10 - 332 00 30 -

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